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Fetish comic 'Pretty Jailbird #2' excerpt

Cover and synopsis of the sex comic 'Pretty Jailbird #2'

Synopsis of the 'Pretty Jailbird #1': A twenty-year-old thief Elena Skachkova finds herself in jail somewhere in Arctic Siberia. Her warder definitely enjoys dealing with fresh meat. For a start he makes her kneel down with her face on the floor and her bare ass high in the air. He hammers a tremendous plug down her tight sore anus and the first day of Elena's imprisonment begins. The first part of the porn comic 'Pretty Jailbird' was published at Pain Comics.

In the second part of the comic the welcome party in the prison cell is going on. Young and helpless Elena seems to be a perfect obedient fuck-toy for her warder. Naked and handcuffed with her mouth full of his cum she gets her first whipping, first fuck and first chore. It's not an easy task to clean up the floor while your hands are still chained behind your back. But Elena has to do it mouth-fucked, whipped and terribly humiliated. See the sample pictures and pages from the BDSM comic "Pretty Jailbird #2"!

DISCLAIMER: All characters are 18 years old or older. This comics shows no real people or events. The characters are shown participating in consensual role-play for their own personal satisfaction, simulating activities which involve sexual dominance and submission. No actual toons were harmed in the making of this comic.
Cover of the adult comics `Pretty Jailbird #2`

Page 02. Elena gets collared and handcuffed

Adult comics `Pretty Jailbird #2`, page 01
In this page the overseer puts a collar and handcuffs on his ward to remind her who's in charge. Elena feels totally helpless standing naked in a jail cell with her hands cuffed behind her back. Then her warder removes this terrible plug from Elena's mouth, but it's too early to relax. He makes her bend down, and it seems he's going to shove this huge thing back into her sore anus. But the worst thing is why this pervert wants Elena's pretty mouth free...
Busty convict Elena gets the collar on her neck Elena`s going to get a huge plug into her sore asshole A ward takes the plug out from Elena`s throat
Naked Elena handcuffed in her cell

Page 03. Elena gets a huge plug into her sore anus

Page 02 from the cruel adult comic `Pretty Jailbird #2`
The jailer takes the plug out from Elena's throat. He bends Elena down and shoves this huge thing all the way into Elena's tight asshole. You bet it hurts like hell! Now with her hands chained and her ass plugged she is ready for her first rough face fucking.
Elena grimaces while getting the plug up her ass The plug is too huge for Elena`s tight shit hole The plug is shoved all the way in Elena's poor ass
Naked handcuffed prisoned Elena gets dominated by her perverted ward

Page 07. The terrible blowjob is over, but not the punishment

Page 06 of the sex comics `Pretty Jailbird #2`
Thank god, it's over! It wasn't Elena's first blowjob, but it was for certain the most terrible one. She kept coughing and choking as his dick mercifully pumped her throat all the way so his balls were hitting her chin. When at last he shot his load, her expanded throat was so sore that she doubted she would ever be able to speak again. Elena looks miserable with her face covered with sperm and tears. But he orders her to keep his spunk in her mouth because it's not over yet. What new torment he has in store for Elena?
The enormous dick Elena is if for sucking Helpless Elena gets rough throat fucking in her cell The warder admires Elena's pretty face covered in his cum
Jailer brutally fucks Elena's throat

Page 09. Elena gets her ass and tits whipped

Page 09 from the BDSM comics `Pretty Jailbird #2`
In this page Elena's jailer invents new perverted entertainment. Now it's a welcome whipping. The catch is that Elena's mouth is still full of his cum and she must endure her first corporal punishment without swallowing or spilling anything. So now this young naked woman jerks and dances on the concrete floor under the heavy dog whip trying to hold every drop in her mouth.
Naked Elena on her knees in her cell in front of the ward Poor naked Elena gets her big boobs whipped Elena bends over to get her ass whipped too
Poor Elena gets her first whipping in her cell