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Sample artworks from cruel sex comic 'Kingsley's Revenge'

Sample pages and pictures from the cruel porn comic 'Kingsley's Revenge'. Synopsis: Former noblewoman Anne Kingsley turns into an obedient slave of Duke Graff Martel. On her first day she goes through painful and humiliating examination and ruthless fucking. And it's just a start of her new miserable life.

Cruel Duke Martel with his obedient kidnapped slave girls

During the age of enlightenment Duke Graff Martel is one of the most powerful and rich rulers in the kingdom. Unknown to the rest of the kingdom he is the founder of the infamous Black Raven Club. No one is able to trace the means or finances of the Duke or source of his wealth. Within the walls of the Citadel of Desrochers Duke Martel makes up the most cruel and perverted orgies for the Club members. Former noblewomen and now obedient fuck toys are forced to "attend" these acts of carnal depravity. Broken and trained, they don't dare even breath upon fear of tortures and punishments.
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- Keep licking you worthless cunts if you value your lives! Don't think I don't have a set of sadistic, Moorish buyers interested in your pampered white flesh!
- Yes, my lord...
- Glk glk glk glk... Y-yes, my lord... As you wish, my lord... Glk glk glk...
...Only those within the walls of the fortress city of Desrouchers are aware of Duke Martel's disigns and intrigues, and they need not be reminded that loose tongues will be pried out with red hot pilers. The spiked heads on the walls outside the gates, rotten and picked at by the ravens, are daily reminder...
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Sadistic master tramples his naked slave girls

...using his excess pussy in more inventive ways for his own sadistic amusement. He had no shortage of pampered, noble cuntmeat at his disposal. This often meant that he had to find a use for his unsold stock until they moved... or expired... Even then, the Duke didn't do anything without reason. Not only would this further degrade and humiliate his captive girls and remind them that they were less than human, it served to further emphasize his strenght over all the other noble houses. They were literally the worms underneath his feet, much as these women were...
- Ah! Fine show, girls! This is really getting me in the mood to start the day rough and fuck ready! Heh heh heh! Keep at it! Your screams only make me harder!
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- Such and obedient carpet! How can I deny such pretty petitions? I would be glad to walk all over you cunts!
- Oh, god! Please, sire! Wait! Aaah! Aaahhh!! You're too heavy, sire! You're going to crush me! You're going to kill me! Stop! Please!
- Quiet! My carpet shouldn't have a tongue with which to speak! Perhaps I should remedy that.
...The Duke took his time with the walk, making sure he laid his full weight on each helpless girl's chest and squashed her breasts as fully as his weight allowed.
- Aaahh!! Get off! You're killing me!!
- Hah hah hah! You wish you were dead! No, I've got a lot more in store for you!
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Naked harem prisoners at lining up in front of their master was her intense cunning towards sadism that matched and perhaps exceeded that of the Duke himself. It's said that only a woman knows the most intimate and terrible ways to torment another woman, and Lady Natalie was well versed in the art of making pussy scream and cream...
- Good morning, my Lord! Another fine day awaits you, doesn't it my pussies?
- Yes, Lady Natalie! A blessed morning, my lord!
- Yes, it is! It never ceases to amaze me how well you whip our unruly bitches into shape, Lady Natalie. Well done! I knew there was a reason I retained you.
- Indeed, sire! These harem whores would've spit in your face only last night. Now they'll dread to even utter a wrong word in my presence.
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- Good morning, my lord! I hope you had a pleasant sleep!
- Welcome, my lord! We worked very hard to prepare a kingly breakfast for you!
- I hope this morning finds you well, my lord!
- God damn, these bitches have wagging tongues on them! If I wanted your damned opinions, I'd have beaten them out of you! It's too early in the morning to hear the talk of cunts!
- If you wish, my lord Martel, I can have their tongues ripped out their mouths!
- No, it's fine. I'd rather their tongues went to work licking ass and shaft, but I think a thorough beating is in order...
...Oh god, now...
- Still you might be impressed at what comes next. Bitches! In position!..
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Perverted breakfast: chair made of naked women and fresh tit milk

- It's my honor to please you and delight you with my perverted and sadistic inventions. In fact that I can express my lesbian sadism is just a bonus!
- A fine chair! Nice and fleashy and with good texture and soft cushions! Perhaps I ought to see just how well it wears by using it as my public audience sit, eh? I bet the peasants would be talking for months!
... Oh god, no! I'd rather die then be subjected to such humiliation!..
- If you pieces of shit dare to let me fall on my noble rear, I'll make you wish you'd never been born! A flaying and quartering will be too good for you lot! I can think of a few saracen barbarians that would love a piece of poached European meat!
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- I've prepared a fine meal to break your fast, my lord! Come, maids! And server your lord with all the poise and elegance that I've beaten into you!
- Oh, she does look quite scrumptious, perhaps, I'll fuck your shit and your slit after my meal. Does that thought excite you, slut?
- Y-yes, my lord... It... makes my pussy wet... wet for your giant cock...
...Oh, god, this is so humiliating... I can't believe a man, and a man as cruel as lord Martel, is going to drink my breast milk! I wish I could just curl up in a corner and die!...
- A fresh cup for you, my lord!
- I must commend you, lady Natalie, for teaching these worthless cunts respect and approbation for their master! I'll be sure to reward you with your pick of the utter to warm your bed and pussy tonight.
- You honor me too much, my lord! Do you hear that, cunts? One of you is going to be my personal lesbian pain slut for tonight!
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- Not bad, but I'd rather have something a little fresher than this! I wand straight from your fat udders, cow! Come here and let me milk you!
- Y-yes, my OW!.. Yes, my lord! This... this slave is honored that you wish to mash and grind her unworthy tits!
...Oww... He's hurting me! But I'd best not speak up, or he'll rip my tongue out with red hot pilers!..
- Better! Now serve my breakfast! I'm going to need all my strength to ensure that my guests have the most spectacular night of their lives!
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...I've even prepared your meal plate by caning her hard until she learned how best to serve as your fine dishware! You'd best not spill the master's meal, you lowly sow... if you don't want to be fucked hard by every stable boy and horse in his lordship's stable!
- Come here, slave! I have no use for utensils when I can eat such a delicious meal off such delicious flesh... You won't mind if I bite you, eh?
...Oh god, I'm going to have bruises all day! This bastard isn't shy about drawing blood!..
...Duke Graff Martel took his time with his playthings and ensured that each one suffered in her own awful way. During this whole time, his chair began to tremble and shake from the effor of holding up his mighty frame... Or perhaps they were shaking out of fear and terror, lest they fail and their tender, pampered, delicate bodies were punished for the inadequacy...
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New slave girl stripping down and showing her body

...this bitch's former name in her noble life was lady Anne Kingsley! Her current name is up to you to decide. She lives and serves at your pleasure, don't you, slut?
- I will not honor your words by answering them! You are a low creature, and I deserved to be treated with more respect then this!
- Heh heh heh... A mouth this one has on her! The spirited ones are always the most enjoyable to break!
- Oh, don't worry, my lady Anne Kingsley. We'll treat you with all the respect that you deserve! Now take off those clothes! Those are the fine clothes of a noblewoman, not the dress of a breeding slut!
- I'll do as you ask but not because you threaten me! I... I'm not intimidated by your words!
- Do it slowly! Show me how tight and fine you are! It will be pleasure to fuck one as pampered and soft as you are!
- Look at you trying to maintain your modesty, when deep down you are nothing but a filthy dirty whore! You are going to show off the goods to your new owner! Now show me that ass!
- Y-yes, my lady...
- Good, good... we may just make an obedient little fuck pet of you yet! I'm going to make sure you get a thorough beating from the captain of the guard, both with his riding crop and his fuckstick for your mouth. A tight young body fit and full of vigor! She'll provide endless entertainment both between the sheets and outside them!
...Oh god, this is so humiliating! This has to be some kind of nightmare!
- Nice, nice... Now lift those arms and let the master see your tits! Let's see... Nice, supple tits... Firm yet soft. I think she'll fetch a good price if you desire to sell her my lord Martel.
-A-ah! St-stop! You're hurting me!
- You dumb cunt! That's exactrly what we want to do! Now shut your mouth! The only time you're to open that mouth is when you're presented with the cock or pussy of your betters!

Painful and humiliating examination of a new slave girl

- Maids! Hold this bitch down on the table and spread her legs so his lordship can see her pussy! I think he wants a closer... more intimate examination.
- W-what are you doing? Stop this! I won't try to resist! I'll be obedient!
- You say that now, "my lady"! But once his lordship stuff his enormous bull cock deep in your fuck hole, you'll think differently! And I intend to make sure that this examination is as humiliating and painful as possible! Now let's see how responsive your slutty body is...
-A-ahh! Stop! Stop that! You're... A-a-ahh!!
- Hmm, seems like our little lady is a big secret slut at heart! Look how her pussy twitches as I caress her clit! Oh, yes... Her pussy is quite responsive, my lord! She's just dripping with depraved lust! Watch how she moans like a cat in heat and rocks her hips back and forth.
- Ahhh... Ahhh... Mmmm... St-stop... Stop thisss...
Goodness! Her pussy is still so tight! I can barely get my finger in there! Heh, you filthy little whore, you're getting excited by this! You're not only a filthy dirty tramp, but you secretly lust for a lesbian touch, don't you? Now let's see how you handle two fingers!..
- Look at this worthless cunt, everyone! She was once a lady but now she's nothing more than a pampered white sex slave! Do it! Cum, my little lesbian fuck pet! Cum right now or your mistress will punish you!
- N-no! Stop... Stop this... Don't make me cum!
- Look at that twitching spasming pussy, my lord! Look how it lusts for you! But of course no matter how sopping wet a pussy is, we have to make sure it's clean and pure enough to have earned his lordship's cock blessing! A more thorough examination is required.
- Wh-what? What is that? What are you going to do with that?
- Isn't it obvious, bitch? We're going to cram this all the way inside your filthy little fuck hole!
- Y-you can't be serious! That's going to tear me in two! Don't! I beg of you!
- Ahhh!! Stop! Please! It's too big! You're hurting me! It's too much! Stop it please, mistress!
- Shut your mouth you dumb cow! It's for your own good! There is no use for a cunt who's pussy is diseased and rotten! If you think this little thing is hurting you, just you wait until his lordship fucks you with his mighty mammoth cock! Now hold the bitch's hip down! She's bucking like a filly in heat! I want to make sure that she's nice and ready! Open wide! Hee hee hee... your pussy is dripping with your slut juices. Now don't worry... This is going to hurt... a lot! The most important thing is that we check your womb! And a little disinfecting fluid should help should help make your pussy nice and clean... It will cleanse you and your dirty cunt of all its filthy disease. The only thing that makes me sad is it barely even hurts...
...Paradise Garden. It's an Eden for the most sadistic, wicked and perverted of men thoroughout the entirety of the European nobility. For the girls that are forced to "attend" these disgusting and sickening acts of carnal depravity, it's more akin to hell...
- Not much of a lady now, are you? You look like a delicious little piece of hot fuck meat! Mmmm, such a naughty little noblewoman! You don't even have the decency to cover your fat tits from public view!
- P-please, my lord, may I go back to my room? This is embarrassing!
- That's the point, you stupid little cow! Now come with me. I think it's high time that I showed you what happens to the filthy disgusting and perverted female meat that comes into Desrochers!
- If... if you insist, my lord, then... then I will accept your invitation...
Heh heh heh, still pretending that you have control over your miserable life? Keep on thinking that, bitch, if it helps you sleep at night!

Naked woman tortured and flogged on a judas cradle (cunt breaker)

...Oh, my god! What is he doing to that poor woman? She looks like she's been forced to sit on top of one of the pyramids of Giza... With the point straight up to her crotch! How cruel! How inhuman!
This, little bitchling, is lady something or other. She was once on of the finest and most pampered of English noblewoman in the entirety of the British isles. That was before my royal slavers stole her away and brought her to citadel of Desrochers. Like you, she was a proud and willful lady, full of spit and spirit! I could have broken her quickly, but so much more fun to toy with my pets... Now come here and bring the riding crop. You clearly have a lot you need to learn!
- Still I think we could take it further! What say you if I whip the tits off this fresh fine piece of fuckmeat?
- Please, don't, my lord! I'm sure, whatever her crimes, she is not deserving of such heinous treatment!
- Now see, that's where you're wrong! She deserves that and much much worse simply for being a cunt!
- Nuuuooo!! Nnuuoo!! Pwefff mmhh wrrddd!! Pwefff nuuooo!!
- You damned fucking wench! This will teach you obedience! This will teach you submission! If you think this hurts, you've seen nothing yet! I will make you rue the day!
- Nnnnhhh!! Urrggghh!! Urrrgghhh!!
- You fucking cow! How does it feel to have me beat your udders to a pulp? I will break you!
- Ufffggghhh!! Nnnggghhh!!
- You worthless bitch! How dare you piss yourself and all over my cunt breaker?! I'll make sure you pay for that! I won't be so gentle with your tits next time!..
- Come with me, bitchling. There is more to show you.
- Y-yes, my lord.
- Do you see these two, "my lady"? They've been bound, blind and deaf! We've stuffed their ears with wax and left them hanging for nearly two days! The only time they've known anything but their awful pain is when we water them with fresh horse piss and when we take them down to beat them bloody and fuck them row!
- Owww... Oh, my arms, my arms! Is anyone there? Please! Please let me down! I can't take it anymore!

Cruel Duke Martel punishes his slave girls hanging them up by their tits and elbows

- My tits! My poor nipples! I've been left alone!
- This one spilled water all over me! But this is merely her first offense, so I've decided to give her a "light" punishment... And this one had the temerity to sneeze while she acted as my bed cushion! She woke me from a beautiful dream of fucking fresh caught bitches! She'll learn to act still and keep those tits nice and fluffed for me, else they'll come off atop the tit chopping block!
- Aaahhh... Aaahhh... Oh god... Oh god, it hurts... I'll do anything just please let me down...
- And this one, she's performed the most serious of crimes! Something truly heinous and wicked for which there is no recompense! The only way she might pay her dues is by giving me all the pain she can suffer from every inch of her flesh!
- M-my lord, no! You'll kill her! That would be the most wicked sin in the eyes of man and god! You can't!
- Did you dare to tell me what I can and cannot do, bitchling? Don't think I won't remember your insolence!

Unhappy harem slaves for whipping and fucking

- Haw haw haw! Don't struggle too much! Every time you twitch and trash, that dildo deep inside you bites even deeper! Oh, who am I kidding? She can't even hear me! These wax plugs lady Natalie invented are amazing, they block out even a slightest noise! Bitchling, take these four girls down and escort them to my chambers. Your lesson for today is not over yet. It's about time you took some responsibility, lest you be marked as a lazy and idle slave!
- Y-yes, my lord Martel, whatever you wish.
...That poor girl! I'd better do as he says, or else I may be next on the whipping list...
- I know you sniveling pampered little white noblewomen are all fulffballs in the head. That's why us men run the show, isn't that right, girls?
- Yes, my lord...
- As you say, my lord...
- Your wish is my command, my lord...
- Such well behaved, well trained little ladies. Each one of them turned out the same... perfectly trained white slaves. Now please your master, my slavelings!
...Oh god, this man is a true monster! I wish I could punch him in the face and knock his teeth in, but that massive cock... Hell fuck me with it, if I resist!..
- Go on, slaves, start pleasuring my dick stick!
- Yes, my lord, right away, my lord! I'll be happy to pleasure your cock!
- Let me tongue you to heaven, my lord! I'll make your cock happy!

White slaves used as fuck toys, candle holders and dinner tables

- Aahh! No! Please, my lord! Anything but that! Whip me, beat me, make me ride the cunt breaker!!
- Haw haw haw, you think you get a choice in what I'm going to do to you! I see you still haven't learned your lesson! That means you're going to get fucked extra hard! Get over here, cunt! You're going to ride my cock even it's the last thing you do!
- No! Please! You're too big! You're going to tear my insides apart!! I beg you have mercy on me!
...Oh god, I hope if I lick his asslhole, he'll cum! If the girl is destroyed before his lordship is finished, I'll be next! Please, cum, my lord! Please, cum and soon!..
...The entrance hall was filled with living caryatids, naked girls chained to the support pillars of the citadel, for the viewing pleasure of the guests. Meanwhile, other girls walked on all fours, supporting a tray of refreshment and appetitizers to stir the guests' appetites, both of the stomach and of a more carnal nature...
- Come here, serving girl! I've got a powerful thirst and I want a drink!
- Y-yes, my lord! At once, my lord!
- Now look, what a beauty you are! Tell me, do you know, if you are for sale?
- I... I don't know, my lord...
- A pity. Now tell me, girl, are you as skilled at refreshing my cock as you are at delivering drinks?
- Y-yes, my lord... I am, my lord...
Good. Get that tray off your back and nestle your face between my legs if you know what's good for you.
...offering only the rarest and most exotic fare and displayed on platters that only the most perverted, twisted and sadistic of people would find entertaining. Fortunately, the members of the Black Raven Club were just such people... Only the finest and tightest of the girls, the most obedient and submissive, were allowed the privilege of acting as plates for the spread. And extra touch of cruelty, the girls hadn't been fed in two days and they'd been flogged beforehand as warning against any possible disobedience. Starved, they were forced to lie completely still while these masked men and women poked and prodded at their naked, vulnerable bodies with forks and knives, testing out the wares while dining in the finest food the European courts had to offer...
- Tonight we have a variety of entertainments and delights for your viewing and fucking pleasure! Among them is a brand new slave girl that we just acquired! She's poorly trained, as she's just been taken after all, but that just means she's extra tight in all her holes!
- Heh heh heh, what a marvelous display! Living candle holders! You'd best not drop those heavy candlesticks, bitches, or else I might have to stick a burning candlestick right up your bung hole!
- Hello, my pretties! My, how you tremble so! Maybe a good flogging and pussy licking will give you some encouragement!
- Marvelous! These ones seem well trained and obedient. Let's see if we can break them any!
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Cruel orgy with helpless obedient slave girls

...The first of any perverted and twisted orgies begins early in the Paradise Garden. Members of the Black Raven Club feel no shame about taking advantage of the poor helpless girls, owned by the lord of the citadel. Each girl is violated and taken over and over again, against her will...
- And what do we have here? Hello, my pretty! I haven't seen you around the club before . Tell me what's your name?
- I... My name is... uhh... mmm...
- She doesn't know! That means she still thinks she's a person or her proper slave name hasn't been beaten into her yet!
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...An orgy of perverted sex and violence began, and orchestra of grunting men and whimpering women...
- Form the fuck line! Make sure the bitches get what's coming to them! First man to make his girlie scream gets to bone the other three in the ass!
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